Porting ‘aclock’ for MSX-DOS


Aclock is a program that turns your mainframe, workstation, microcomputer or another kind of old and expensive equipment in an ASCII wall clock. Its binaries were executed in near of 250 computer systems and now is time to add MSX to this group.

This version has based on CP/M Plus release for ZX Spectrum +3 and has compiled using SDCC with a little help of Avelino Herrera’s MSX-DOS backend. It works on any MSX2, MSX2+ or MSX turbo R running MSX-DOS operating system. And, of course that it doesn’t work on MSX1 models due the lack of real time clock circuit.

By the way, this is a short version in (bad) English from my original post in Portuguese.

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1996 InfoMagic Catalog

I’ve digitized my copy of the 1996 InfoMagic catalog. A remembrance from a time when Internet connections weren’t fast enough to huge downloads and order a bunch of CD-ROM with all the stuff you needed (or don’t) a good idea. 😀

SunSolve editions on Archive.org


In 2000 I bought an old Sun workstation, a SPARCstation Classic. It was a “kit” containing the computer itself, a Type 4 keyboard, a mechanical mouse, a 15″ CRT monitor (Sun/Nokia 449a), an external CD-ROM drive (SCSI) and a bag (yes, a bag) full of software. There were dozens of Solaris releases, Red Hat for SPARC, compilers, several tools and a lot of SunSolve editions. [ leia em português ]

The computer’s acquisition itself has its own story and must be told another day, not now. 🙂

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