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In 2000 I bought an old Sun workstation, a SPARCstation Classic. It was a “kit” containing the computer itself, a Type 4 keyboard, a mechanical mouse, a 15″ CRT monitor (Sun/Nokia 449a), an external CD-ROM drive (SCSI) and a bag (yes, a bag) full of software. There were dozens of Solaris releases, Red Hat for SPARC, compilers, several tools and a lot of SunSolve editions. [ leia em português ]

The computer’s acquisition itself has its own story and must be told another day, not now. 🙂

Little workstation

I used this computer during the following years in order to learn Linux and do tests in a pre-virtual machine age — I remember installing Debian GNU/Linux with two 1.44MiB floppy disks and a 14.4Kbps dial-up phone connection during a tedious Saturday afternoon.


Three (or four) years later, the computer stopped and didn’t boot anymore. It was a pity, but I had nothing to do. So I gave those parts, except the keyboard, which is a toy to my nieces in my parents home.

Back to SunSolve

Well, SunSolve was a service run by Sun Microsystems to distribute patches, updates and technical information about Solaris. They first used CD-ROM discs and later, Internet. In 2010, Sunsolve was closed by Oracle (rightly after its acquisition of Sun) and all its functionality was merged to the MOS (“My Oracle Support”).

Months ago, I googled «SunSolve CD-ROM» and just found an unique valid reference. So I realized that these things (software and technical information) would be lost forever if not correctly preserved — and Oracle won’t do it.

Then I created a account and uploaded ISO images of my SunSolve editions (which was 9 of them):

You’re invited to add other editions in order to help preserve this part of computing history. 🙂